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Herculaneum reconstructed with Vesuvius and Oplontis

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The Herculaneum Reconstructed with Vesuvius and Oplontis guide allows the reader to experience the atmospheres and places in the ancient city, thanks to the effective and innovative method of superimposing shaped perforated cards on photographs. Thanks to the artistic reconstructions, the reader can see a visual comparison between ancient Herculaneum and today’s fascinating archaeological site.

The guide has two chapters dedicated to Vesuvius and the Villa of Poppea in Oplontis. It also allows access to an Online multilingual HD VIDEO containing a fantastic documentary, with virtual reconstructions made with computer graphics illustrating the eruption of Vesuvius and the most evocative places in Pompei, as well as special content on Herculaneum.

Hardback binding, with internal spiral
Pages: 66 + poster (47.5×15.8 cm)

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Dimensions 18,5 × 16,8 cm

English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish


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