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Rome ArcheoGame

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ArcheoGame is the new updated editorial product of Archeolibri: an educational and fun game.

In teams or individually, participants can explore the world of ancient Rome with its history, characters, games, religion and art.

You roll the dice and travel the ancient city through the board designed as a map with a lively and intuitive style. By answering the questions on the cards, available in two levels of difficulty, you will reach the final goal: the Colosseum.

Archeogame stimulates children’s curiosity and makes learning fun. The materials are designed to ensure the safety of the players, from the folding board to the markers, which take up little space and are made of non-toxic materials.

The product is a multilingual game in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish and is available in museum bookshops, bookstores and shops specializing in tourism items.

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